Relaunch of Redbird Communications Website built with Drupal 7.0

It's Wednesday and the Deck Fifty Design office is a-buzz with the sounds of fingers tapping on keyboards and frenzied mouse clicks. Launch days are like that. Lots of last minute dotting of i's and crossing of t's.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Redbird Communications site.

Redbird Communications is a specialist marketing communications agency based in Victoria, British Columbia. Founded in March 2001, they help clients create 'healthy people' and 'healthy places', by raising awareness and changing behaviour. The new website is primarily a promotional tool for Redbird Communications to showcase their service offerings and describe what makes them a unique agency to work with.

The website is built using Drupal 7.0, the most recent release of the Drupal content management platform. Using Drupal as the development framework allows the staff at Redbird Communications to easily log in to their website and maintain the content in-house. The website also incorporates their live Twitter feed which helps keep the content fresh and leverages the networking potential of social media channels.

The website also features an agency blog which allows the staff at Redbird to add new and relevant content to their website regularly. As well, the website allows site visitors to subscribe to Redbird's Newsletter.

Congratulations Redbird Communications! From all of us at Deck Fifty Design, we wish you every success with the launch of your new website.

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