Q College

Q CollegeWe would like to congratulate Q College for their recent name change! Q College (formerly VSBT) announced today that it has changed its name to include the word 'College'. This is a big step.

Along with the name change Q College launched a new logo. This comes at the heels of a nearly three-year dispute with Apple Inc, who argued that Q College's previous logo infringed on its rights. It's never fun when bigger corporations try to push around the up-and-coming.

More than one Deck Fifty team member got their start at Q College (under the former name). At the time Q College offered several Drupal courses that were quite informative. We now offer Drupal services with the expertise gained at Q College.

Q College held a public event today with live music and free food to celebrate the event. Unfortunately we were not able to attend.

Best of luck to Q College, we hope the new name helps you expand your college!

Check out Q College for more information.