LesPlan Educational Services

LesPlan Educational Services provides educational material to Canadian teachers and their students.

An important aspect of development was to ensure new publication subscribers could find and order the products easily, and exsiting subscribers are quickly able to view the publication issues and files needed for their day-to-day classroom student exercises. The information needed to be easily accessable on all devices and screen resolutions - a key feature is responsive design.


Drupal was chosen as the content management system because of its simple to use interface and flexible configuration. The previous site was developed in Drupal 6 so the client was also very familar with the platform. The open source nature and robust community of Drupal allowed us to implement advanced features such as commerce and multiple language support while remaining within budget.

Challenges & Solutions

English/French language support: With clients from the many difference communities across the country, supporting Canada's two official languages was a requirement. All site content is avaialbe for translation, allowing the LesPlan staff to create and update content in both languages quickly and efficiently.

Data migration: Leveraging the Drupal Migrate API we were able to migrate the content from the old Drupal 6 site to the new Drupal site. The migration included publications, issues, files, pages and more.

Ecommerce: The commerce store and shopping cart is used to process subscription orders, and email official order receipts to the schools and teachers.

Key modules/theme/distribution used

Community contributions

Throughout the course of development comments and solutions were submitted against bug reports for various contributed Drupal modules.