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What good is a stunning website if nobody can find it? To be found, your site needs to appear high up in Google search results. Higher search results yield more traffic and ultimately more sales. Every site we build is coded with search engines in mind to help you outrank the competition.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Based on a technical understanding of how search engines such as Google work, SEO is a method of designing the backend code and content of a website to be optimally “read” by a search engine in order for that website to appear as high as possible in the search results (ideally on the first page within the first few results).

Why does SEO matter?

Visibility: The higher your site’s ranking in search results, the more eyes will see it. Visibility increases traffic to your site, which in turn stands to increase your sales.

Relevance: The goal is not just to appear in search results, but to appear in relevant search results. SEO seeks to understand precisely what terms (keywords) users are entering when they look for businesses or products like yours. This way, your site can be tagged with the most commonly used search terms and be found easily.

The goal of SEO, then, is twofold:

  1. High search rankings
  2. Traffic

How We Optimize Your Site:

  • We engineer your site to make content come first
  • We integrate page-title and meta-tag management in your CMS installations

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What our clients say

Deck Fifty created an intuitive, interactive, and engaging website for Drinking Water Week. They were wonderful to work with, and extremely responsive – they were able to meet my many demands very quickly. The Deck Fifty team was highly professional and knowledgeable, and were very receptive to my ideas and suggestions while also providing their own expertise and letting me know when better solutions were available. We love the final product, and the site is a breeze to update. Thanks Deck Fifty!
Alana Tees - Communications Coordinator, BC Water & Waste Association

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