Shane Vincent

Shane Vincent

Shane Vincent is Drupal industry veteran and co-founder of Deck Fifty Design. With advanced knowledge of open source web development he works diligently to create highly functional & user friendly websites for his clients. Shane has a solid background in PHP, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), XHTML, as well as LAMP web server configuration. He currently specializes in front end web development using his favorite open source content management system, Drupal. Shane is comfortable heading large web development teams, but also enjoys late-night solo coding sessions. In the last decade, web development has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and Shane Vincent has been riding the forefront of the wave. Shane graduated at the top of his class in the web developer's certificate program at the Victoria School of Business and Technology (now Q college), and went on to instruct one on one training at their primary facility. When he's not in front of a computer, you'll find Shane exploring the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, or floating on a lake in the sun.

Blog posts

E-commerce Payment Processing

Custom E-commerce Payment Processing vs. Third-party Providers

If you have an online sales component to your business, then there are two main ways of managing your e-commerce: either by linking to a third-party site, such as PayPal, to facilitate transactions, or having developers create a custom payment processing system within your website itself.

RFPs - Are They Effective?

In certain circumstances, RFPs (Requests for Proposals) may be unavoidable. Government organizations, for instance, are mandated to use them in an effort to promote fair and open competition. A web design and development firm just starting out may feel responding to RFPs is the only way they can get their foot in the door, and junior developers stand to gain knowledge and experience through the proposal-writing process. However, for the average business owner attempting to acquire creative services, the RFP’s effectiveness is questionable.

The Benefits of a Custom Drupal Website vs. Free Hosted Websites

In this digital age, your company’s success is largely dependent on the efficacy of your online presence. The question is no longer simply: do you need a website? (You do.) It is now a series of questions: What kind of a website do you want? What functionality is required? How will you get the right eyes on your website? And most importantly: What sets your website apart from a sea of competitors?

Top 50 Drupal Modules

Drupal is our favorite CMS. One of the major reasons we love Drupal so much is the huge community of developers and large number of contributed modules available. If we were in the business of building cars we probably wouldn’t go about designing new tires for it. Instead, we would rely on tire manufacturers who had already done the R&D. The same holds true for websites. When a website requires common functionality such as a blog or forums we use pre-existing modules which offer a framework for us to build from. In our day to day development we use a LOT of modules.