Shane Vincent

Shane Vincent

Shane Vincent is Drupal industry veteran and co-founder of Deck Fifty Design. With advanced knowledge of open source web development he works diligently to create highly functional & user friendly websites for his clients. Shane has a solid background in PHP, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), XHTML, as well as LAMP web server configuration. He currently specializes in front end web development using his favorite open source content management system, Drupal. Shane is comfortable heading large web development teams, but also enjoys late-night solo coding sessions. In the last decade, web development has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and Shane Vincent has been riding the forefront of the wave. Shane graduated at the top of his class in the web developer's certificate program at the Victoria School of Business and Technology (now Q college), and went on to instruct one on one training at their primary facility. When he's not in front of a computer, you'll find Shane exploring the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, or floating on a lake in the sun.

Blog posts

A Drupal Development Environment on Windows

As Drupal developers we're always learning new tricks of the trade, be it modules, hooks, theme functions, or simply a new feature implementation. With all of the information online centered around Drupal code, there is surprisingly little to be found regarding the tools used to develop it. In this post I will break down my personal Drupal development environment, and the various tools I use in day to day development.

A Drupal Workflow for Small Teams

Drupal development workflows come in a wide range, from a solo developer working on a shared web server, to a large team committing changes via Git to a central staging environment. We land somewhere in the middle.

As a tight-knit and efficiency minded development team, we have arrived at an ideal workflow which combines aspects of on-server development with the power and reliability of separate version controlled environments. Our platform of choice is Pantheon, which makes this setup a breeze.

Embedded Twitter feed in Drupal 7 using the Twitter Pull module

There are many Twitter modules for Drupal out there and I've gone through them all. Twitter pull does the job perfectly. It's not a surprise to anyone how huge social media is nowadays. If you have a website you should have some degree of social media integration, be it a simple link to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, or a full blown embedded feed of your posts and tweets. A lot of clients these days are requesting embedded Twitter feeds, much like the one we employ in our footer.

Open Source Content Management Systems 101

For someone outside of the tech industry, the idea of “open source” can be somewhat opaque, particularly when you are trying to investigate qualitative differences between an open source and closed source Content Management System (CMS). If you Google “open source versus closed source,” the articles that come up tend to be opinion-based, which can make gleaning the “facts”—if that term can be applied here—quite challenging.